Review - Efol'ar Cheek Rouge Minerals

Hi people!

I came with a review of those items that I have received from Store Born Pretty Store, a partnership of the blog

Who hasn't seen what I received, click here to check the post! And already has another review made of one of these items, see here.

I'm loving the products that Alicia (responsible for the partnership with the store) has sent to me! Beyond these two products of the first post, I have received two more, and their reviews also are almost ready!

Well, let's see the photos and my opinion about this cute blush!

The packaging is very cute, don't you think? Both the box as the blush package are beautiful. I loved all those details that make the product more appealing!

Both the bottom of the blush as the lid are made of a resistant plastic, maybe acrylic (I don't know to define very well). The blush comes with an applicator in himself (but can be removed if you like, I preferred to keep it).

I applied blush on paper for you to visualize how he comes out of the applicator, and loved this picture, you can see his dosage, I hit him more than once in paper to get out a lot, but the dosage is ok, won't let escape an excessive quantity at one time.

Like I said, it comes with this applicator, and to you apply just pass it directly on the face. Those who prefer brush can remove that part of "sponge" and apply normally with brush.

The color of this blush is very soft, the color that I chosed is a light pink, softly pulled to the warm pink color. On site is the color number 05. This beautiful thing cost ONLY $ 5.95 here at Born Pretty Store, and with the coupon of the blog you still get DISCOUNT!


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  1. Que prática essa embalagem!

  2. Estou mega apaixonada pelo seu blog, tudo mega organizado e sim, estou amando suas fotos, você é linda e mega fotogênica *-* pena que não tou conseguindo te seguir aqui pelo blogger :(


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