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The subject of today's post are dresses! In fact I decided to put together a wishlist with some gorgeous dresses I saw in the store Picked Looks, and I came to share with you!

I didn't know the store, but I received an e-mail with a link to the store and I decided to visit and meet her. When I saw the site I already fell in love with several models of dresses, oh my God!

This was a task a bit hard, to choose the dresses for Wishlist, lol. I have chosen based on: the models that I REALLY would use, because there are models super beautiful, wonderful, etc, but perhaps didn't look good on me, or I wouldn't dare to use.

But I chose 3 dresses that I liked in 3 categories: Prom Dresses, Bridesmade Dresses and Wedding Dresses. Let's see!

Prom Dresses:
Initially I chose this short dress model and romantic style, it would like in another color, but also love white, and found it so cute I could not resist to put on the list.

The second model I found it powerful, but not exaggerated, yes I would use, and I love blue!
The third, which is actually my favorite between these three, because of all the colors, I always choose the color black, you know, matches my style, and I think that are beautiful  prom dresses in black.

Bridesmaid Dresses:
In this category I chose three gorgeous dresses I'd love to use. The first in lilac, I fthink it very romantic and cute, and it is my favorite between these three. The second I think that is most sober with the blue oil color, I loved the crop of the bottom and I think it must be beautiful in the body. And the last I think that have a retro style on the top, and I love this color for dresses!

Wedding Dresses:
Tchana-Nam! Wedding dresses! I do not know if some day I'll wear one, but why not dream, right? I took a look at the models of the site and really liked these three.

I found the first a little sexy, but not exaggerated, and loved the crop in heart neckline. The second is my favorite, I think between the three is what I would be more comfortable using, the top is more discreet and the skirt is fun ♥. The latter is the classic, with a more princess style, but nothing exaggerated, loved this detail glow at the waist!


To check more models, prices, and payment methods, just enter the site (links above), tell me, between my choices, what you most likes? You would use one of these dresses ?!

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