Summer's Look and Temporary Tattoos!

Hi guys, How are you?!

Summer came here in Brazil, at least here in Ubatuba city has made considerable warmth.

I wish I could have done these photos before, to come to show you, but here in the city rains a lot, in every season it rains, people even dubbed the city of Ubachuva (pun on the word rain and the city name).

So when that sun comes out I ran and asked for Ana, my partner's blog photographer, to do these pictures, I really wanted to make the photos using the tattoos on a sunny day, which is much more beautiful, right ?!

These tattoos are temporary, before you ask they are not of henna. Are those "stick" tattoos, like those of gum that you used in childhood, remember?

But these are much better and last much more.

Let's see the photos!

The Products:
The Born Pretty Store sent me these tattoos along with those pigments that did the review recently on the blog, it took me more to be able to show the tattoos because of the climate of the city. The designs of the tattoos were chosen by me, are beautiful right?

The tribal tattoo with butterfly costs $ 1.99, and the birds cost $ 0.99 and the pattern is number # 3 of these options you will find the link. Find HERE more models.

The butterfly tattoo is more expensive, but it lasts one week easily on the skin, bathing and washing normally the place where it is applied, but the tattoo of birds out much more easily.

I am with my tribal (this Butterfly kit) in the foot, and she only peeled at the edge where I inadvertently rubbed the pad of my chair.

How to Apply:
First you must cut out the drawings, leaving a margin, not cut as close to the drawing to have no danger of cutting it unintentionally or tear at the time of application. Then position the pictures to get an idea of how you want stay on your skin.

Choose the application location on your skin. Your skin should be clean and dry. Remove the transparent plastic of the tattoo and place it on your skin, you will already feel the adhesive part of it sticking. Use a damp cloth or sponge to moisten the paper so that the tattoo drop and paste on your skin. I used a cloth and held for 20 seconds at least by pressing the tattoo, then the paper dropped himself of the design.

My Summer's Look 1 - Urban:

This look is more my style, in this case, more urban style. I chose a cropped lightweight fabric and color that matches the summer, and a short jeans with lycra that is super high waist.

I chose this bracelet that has a similar color to the top and thought it fell well, although it is a maxi bracelet, lol. And as usual the feet'm using my dear friend all star.

My Suumer's Look 2 - Hippie:
I chose a very light and fresh tissue dress, which is a similar color to the cropped the previous look, but a little softer. The pattern is red mini-pineapples. The tattoos were placed in various parts of the body, but only as an idea for you, you do not need to apply all at once.

Used a costume jewelry earring, and a double ring, I did not put necklace because I thought it would be an exaggeration, since tattoos are the focus.

I did not use anything in the feet, only that leather ornament, which is a strip that you can use both at the ankle and in the wrist like bracelet.

So which of the two looks you like? Comments there!
Would you wear a tattoo like that?

"More than simply record events, I believe in photography as the art of capturing emotions, expressions collect and hunt special moments.
Photographing is something I've always liked to do since childhood.

I remember the first analog camera I got from my father, at age 12, after much play shooting with an old camera family, which no longer worked. Since that time already charmed me with the idea of capturing moments and can save them forever.

Today I know that shooting is something that is already part of who I am. I am fully aware that I have much still to learn and I'm in the fight to improve the technique, but every photo shoot, every picture taken and edited, I feel I'm on the right track, doing what I like."

Ana Luiza Nogueira
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