Christmas Wishlist on Born Pretty Store

Hello everyone! How are you?!

December came, yay !!! Who here does not like this time of festivities, celebrations with family and / or friends ?!

Usually when that time comes I'm thoughtful and weighing about what I did good / bad in that year and how I intend to change my life.

But this time I'm getting carried away, of course I focus on what I want and I'm running behind, but I left out the part of concern, sometime the things will be all right!

Well, let the topic today, you already know the Born Pretty Store huh ?! My partner's blog, which always sends me nice and cheap products to test and show you. So this time I decided to do a Christmas Wishlist with items from the store! Yaaay!

Stalking the store I discovered that not only are products of nails and makeup that is there (I always watched these), I saw that has a section of clothing, jewelry, stationery, hair things, watches, electronics, home and garden, etc. ... A lot of things, and everything is very cheap and free shipping!

Reminding you can use my discount COUPON in store! It is APEG10

And you ask me if it's reliable, it gets faster, and etc. Yes reliable and yes comes fast. The maximum delay for sending was 3 months. But the latter sending them arrived in 20 days, I was shocked!

No more ado, let's wishlist

I thought of doing the selection of items in each category of the blog but the post would be enormous hahaha, so I went on the 3 main categories that interest me: dresses, costume jewelry and makeup.

I loved that first black and white dress with lace detail on the bust, I think I never had such a model, strapless, but with lightweight fabric and beautiful details like that. The second model in navy blue, has a flight attendant look, or something like that, I would use a cuddly and good!

As I said in another post here on dresses blog, I'm crazy about one that has to come out of lightweight fabric which is flowing, hehe, and I always choose black clothes, and that color was beautiful in that dress. The second model looks like you are wearing a blouse and skirt tube with geometric print, I loved it, and very practical right? You can not miss the combination, hehee.


I took a look in the categories of jewelry and accessories and I freaked out in the amount of custom and different things, and you know, I love that sort of thing. I chose this necklace with pendant, a dreamcatcher, on silver color. I loved too much, this rack-jewelry tree, and I had never seen one of those around here.

Now to show my side soft goth, I chose this necklace with lace detail, in black, hehe, I found beautiful, and always think very beautiful accessories and clothes this gothic style. The second pendant then I believe it is the time-turner Hermione from Harry Potter, but the site the description is like a different pendant with the sands of time, for me alright because I like the HP movies and I thought it was beautiful this pendant !

I could not miss this category right ?! I chose a set of brushes that comes this beautiful case of brushes, just love it, especially for travels because stay protected. Also I choose this massaging brush facial cleanser, because I have not yet found and cute!
I know this kit of Love of Alpha masks has been trend and should already be stopping being, but I did not had, and when I saw in the store decided to put in the Wishlist, who knows someone who wants to present me, see the list and buy it, right? hehehe. I chose this eyeshadow palette in matte most because it has very colorful shades and is more difficult to find colorful and matte shadows here, I wanted very much!
Which of these items would you like to win?
Leave a comment I always reciprocate the visit and comment back ♥

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