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Hello beautiful people! How's year-end you?
Here're all right, all quiet, thank God!

I'm going to tell you a "secret" to you who follow me,
already know, I am a makeup artist, you may have seen in some post I said I was making an area to meet customer, and it's almost done!

Now I need the wall mirror and the same decoration, because it is already renovated and painted walls, already have mobile, okay cool, I'll show you the before and after soon!

Today I came to show you another review of the products received from partner Born Pretty Store!

It's a set of eyebrow shadows, the brand is Clever Cat.

Let's see that I think about this.

The Package:
The box is a cuteness, right ?! It is in this reddish shade of pink, pastel, I like this shade of pink than the other that color. By the box you already can see the colors, because it has this opening.

The package is plastic, it seems resistant, and it is the same color of the box, but she has shimmer mixed the color, as can be noted by the photo. It has a transparent part where you can see the colors that has.

There are three colors, as you have already realized from the beginning. A graphite tone, a dark brown tone, coldest, and a medium brown tone, and that it's warmer.

This graphite tone has a bit of brown in it, but it's perfect for eyebrows with black wires as well as mine. The tone of the medium is perfect for brown and blond hair, just not weigh a hand in the case of blond.

And the last tone is most recommended for redheads because this has a warm brown background. Many people confuse and uses that tone in blondes, I do not particularly think it looks good, unless the thread of her brow is with warmer tone too.

Pigmentation is good, not perfect, but as we are talking about shade for eyebrow, I think it's ok. If it were to use as eye shadow, then I believe it would be more difficult to apply because it would have to get more shade and apply more often.

The packaging is also a mini brush. One side of it is beveled and the other is a sponge to blur, it's very tiny, which I find really cool to carry in your purse.

The brush is beveled, and the bristles are not excessively hard, and do not too soft, I found her perfect density. My did not come with the beveled cut as straight, but it did not disturb in the application.

In the case also has a mirror, which also think very useful in case of carry in your purse and you need to retouch, everything is already in the kit! And the shadows can be used on the eyes too!

How comes with one hand to blend, you can either make a more pronounced brow, as a more natural. In these photos I chose to make a more marked because of the makeup, and to show you the pigmentation of this trio.

The color used on my brow, as I mentioned earlier, this is darker. I can use until the second color, which would be more natural, but I like more this gray tone when I fill the eyebrow.

The makeup is only complete if you also leave your eyebrow corrected, it does not seem that something is missing.

This trio is costing  $5.83 in the store, but you have discount my coupon! The trio I have chosen is the model # 3 on the site, but has two more options of sets.

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