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Hi people!
It's all right?

End of the year're coming, and I think that time is passing very quickly, what do you think?

Today I came to show more a product of those I received, it is a Lip Gloss with Tint effect.

Calm I'll explain it in the body of the post, read to understand!

This is another received, from the partner Born Pretty Store. Tell me if you are enjoying the review!

The Package:
Look how sweet this packaging is! I am not to keep box, but that I will keep, loved this illustration!

Mais de perto, para vocês verem os detalhes do desenho!

The color I chose on the site is the Orange Hue, but despite the name, in the mouth not really turn orange, and the intensity depends on how much you apply and reapply.

Packaging + product, beautiful to stay on the dressing table, what do you think? Only the appearance already won me over, but continues reading to learn more!

The product comes in thiss package which actually looks more like a glaze than a gloss, but it's still beautiful! The packaging is plastic, will not break if dropped.

The applicator is that the type of applying lip gloss, and when you open you think the color will be super strong, but not, continue reading to see.

As it is a gloss, it gets a little transparent when applied, the intensity of that color you can control. In the pictures above applied 1 layer only, and let dry.

In the Lips:
In the mouth the same thing, I applied one layer, and is thus, it blends with the color of the mouth, in my case was a pink tone, but I think it applied more first layer would be more salmon color.

The cool it is that if you want to remove the "gloss part" (wet)
it will dry your mouth and continues dyed that color, and lasts a long time. I love that does not come out in time to eat!

The lip gloss I got is this one, and the color is Orange Hue # 2, the price is $ 3.94, and no shipping! Remember to use my 10% DISCOUNT COUPON: APEG10


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    1. Oi Mikaelly, tem desconto com cupom na lojinha, dá uma olhadinha lá!


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