Set of three Blushs by Nanda

Hi guys, are you okay ?

Today I came with a review of one of the latest products that I received, I posted this photo on Instagram showing here what were these products.

And I decided to start the review by blushs trio and illuminating most beautiful and cute thing in the universe!

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For those not knowing yet, I get these products from my partner the Born Pretty Store, makeup products shop, clothes, costume jewelry, things to nails and hair, stationery, etc., is from China, is very cheap and for me the products arrive quickly

The Package:
The blush came in this beautiful pink little box with the logo, the brand that is the By Nanda, an indication that they are 3 colors, and the weight, which is 15gr. It's very very cute and beautiful!

I took a closer photo so you can see the details, are small sweet drawings like cupcakes and macaroons, cutest, right ?! I do not usually save the box, but this time I will! I took a photo of the sticker behind the packaging which has given the model I chosen, it was the # S01, in the store this blushs trio and illuminator is marked as # 01.

The packaging is also pink, It is plastic, but resistant, I think not break easily if dropped. The cover is transparent in the center, which I love, because if I had more than one of these trios of blushs, It would be easier to identify which'm taking without opening it.

The Product:
There are 3 colors, as already mentioned above, but are blushs 2 and 1 illuminator. A light pink blush a little orange blush and illuminator is a cream color.

The colors are not intense, so there's no danger of you overdo it and stay with his face looking like it got slapped. if you want the product to be with the most intense color on the skin, you have to go through more! The 3 color is bright, but it is something very beautiful in the skin.

In the Skin:

I mixed the two blush colors to apply and get a salmon tone, as I mentioned above colors are very smooth, and I quite like it, because there is no danger of exaggerating and looking like a clown!

The illuminator makes a very beautiful glow, note that I applied apples. And I am not so illuminator fan on my skin, but fell in love with this!

And Then you like the product?
Would you buy? Is very cheap, it costs $ 3.59 in the Born Pretty Store.

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